Monday, February 13, 2012

Stylus Recommendation

I've been researching many of the various styluses available for iPad. There are really three types that exist at this time. One has kind of a rubber cushion at the bottom which to me at least feels like a crayon. There's another one with more of a textured tip that resembles velcro. While this one tends to be a little better imo, there are times that the tip doesn't show up when writing. The newest type is my favorite to date which features a clear disc at the end with a fine ball point. The model I've recently tested is the Jot. I believe this is about the best you can find to date. Again, I think it's best to try out the various styluses prior to buying one. If anyone wants to stop by and try the three types, just let setup a time with Barb Barnes and I'll be happy to let you sit down and try out all three.

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