Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sign documents and send them as a PDF on iPad

Softsign allows you to sign documents with your finger or with your stylus. Once you're done, you can email the document to the intended recipient. While i haven't utilized this tool a lot in my daily work, I believe it will become a part of my future workflow. Cost is only a dollar. The reviews are average but I haven't found any problems with the program.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How to make a phone call with your iPad

Forgot your phone? Need to make an important call? As long as you have WiFi nearby, you can use a program called Talkatone to make free phone calls using Google Voice. How do you get started?

1. Go out and setup a Google Voice number (it's free)

2. Download Talkatone from the App store (also free)

3. Start making phone calls from your Ipad (speaker is at the bottom, mic is at the top).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evernote, GTD, and The Secret Weapon

I've had a few requests for Evernote. I'm planning on doing more with this program over the next few weeks but for now, I'm going to reference a new site I located that speaks to the ability of the program to sync with your inbox and GTD. If you're unfamiliar with Getting Things Done (GTD), I encourage you to google the philosophy. It's pretty straight forward but the way I summarize the concept is use your brain for thinking and not for remembering. Allow the system to help you remember and you can spend your day on thinking/producing.
Here's a workflow chart for GTD

Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to lock your screen orientation

Ever had a situation where you wanted your screen to stay still? Trying read while laying on the couch? Screen rotation while lying down can make you feel like you're watching "The Blair Witch Project" so knowing how to lock your screen orientation is a must.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Want to run SAP on your iPad?

Programs like SAP, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. don't play nice on an iPad. Information Technology has provided a workaround that was sent out this week.
Here are the basics of what you need in order to make the workaround work:
1. You need a WIFI connection (also one that's pretty good - you probably will have difficulty on a weak connection)
2. You need VPN software. IT provides an explanation of what and how to use that here -
3. You need the VM ware software. Follow the instruction on this page -
4. Have a little patience - you will likely need to refer to these directions at least one more time to get the hang of it.
Once you get into the Virtual Machine PC, you'll find that it runs just like a PC.

Show your NKU Spirit on your iPad

This morning I created a background for the iPad that will make you the envy of everyone else who hasn't made it their background.

Click here to learn how you can install it on your own iPad. You will need to have Dropbox installed on your iPad and may need to click pause on the video as it's done in less than 90 seconds.

Call if you need help.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Paperless office part 1

Is it really possible to have a paperless office? Completely paperfree? That's a bit of a stretch as most folks at NKU are still throwing around paper in meetings. Can you go 90% paper free? That's probably where I'm at in terms of my adoption of a paper free environment. Why go paper free? Well, there's a number of reasons that come to mind. Here are the top 3 for me:

1. It's like hiring a digital assistant on the cheap (more on this in later blog entries) - thus filing is minimal and you look ultra-organized.

2. It's eco-friendly

3. You can carry many file cabinets of material with you everywhere you go. Plus, it can minimize your need for a big office footprint.

4. Did I mention it helps with organization? Just making sure...

Stylus Recommendation

I've been researching many of the various styluses available for iPad. There are really three types that exist at this time. One has kind of a rubber cushion at the bottom which to me at least feels like a crayon. There's another one with more of a textured tip that resembles velcro. While this one tends to be a little better imo, there are times that the tip doesn't show up when writing. The newest type is my favorite to date which features a clear disc at the end with a fine ball point. The model I've recently tested is the Jot. I believe this is about the best you can find to date. Again, I think it's best to try out the various styluses prior to buying one. If anyone wants to stop by and try the three types, just let setup a time with Barb Barnes and I'll be happy to let you sit down and try out all three.

Quick and Easy iPad Education

If you're struggling on how to figure something out, the first two areas that I visit almost daily include: and For instance, a search of "how to reset iPad, brings up the following on youtube: