Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Organizing Evernote on IOS using MoveEver

Up until recently I have avoided organizing most of my notes in Evernote simply because I find myself using an IOS device (iPhone or iPad) most days and the Evernote app falls short.  The Evernote app requires far too many clicks and doesn't make it easy to change multiple file attributes.

Introducing...MoveEver.  I have to say that this app far exceeds my expectations and dare I say makes it a bit fun to organize notes and musings.  I have approximately 1600 notes in my inbox so I will be plugging away at them for several days.  With that said, I believe this program will accomplish my goal within 1/4 of the time the Evernote app might take.  If you haven't found MoveEver yet, I highly recommend you find it in the app store.