Thursday, September 27, 2012

IQTELL - The next big thing?

Recently, I got to participate as a beta tester for IQTELL which  uses the slogan "The Best Productivity App in the History of Doing."  This web based client is a mash-up of a number of important services that I utilize daily including my email, calendar, Evernote, and the GTD philosophy.

I went through a training a few days ago which provided an overview of the client and I have to say that I'm very pleased thus far IQTELL.  The vast options available are at first a bit overwhelming and the web-based didn't really grab me the first time I logged in.  One strength I've noted of Evernote is the ability to have a PC and Mac based application that allows offline use.  IQTELL doesn't appear to offer this.  With that said, I am warming to this application and have a feeling that it will become a very strong product that I will be using for a very long time.

The strengths of this program are vast and for those of you that are into the GTD philosophy this is a real dream come true in terms of integration.  Instead of working in multiple programs -you can work within one dashboard. Once I get everything setup, I believe this will quickly become my favorite productivity app.

I think the sheer number of options it comes with can be a bit overwhelming so it will require some patience and learning to truly get this software running your life.  Again - I stress "running your life" because I think this thing can help make work-life integration much better than anything I've seen thus far on the market.  I don't think it's a replacement for Evernote but it sure is a nice compliment to Evernote.  If my comments have intrigued you enough to try it, go to the IQTELL website and ask to sign up as a beta tester.  With some patience and practice, I think you'll find this to be well worth the time investment.

Oh - I almost forgot! They have Android and IOS apps for the client as well to assist with the GTD functions.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tips to help type on the iPad Virtual Keyboard

I often hear technology bloggers ask the question about the future demise of laptops with the rise in iPad usage.  While I don't fear the demise of the present day laptop, I don't see it anytime soon until Apple can redesign the virtual keyboard into something that provides the speed of a tactile keyboard.   

Since we can't wait on Apple innovation, it may be more helpful to become "better" at typing on the iPad virtual keyboard.  Great tips in the link below on how one might begin to become a better virtual typist

New eBook for increasing iPad Productivity

Three of my favorite topics are combined in the new eBook: iPad Productivity - GTD, Evernote, and iPad.  For those of you that are new to increasing your productivity through your iPad, this is a great book to start with.  Not too long but certainly full of enough suggestions that the price tag of $5.00 is a steal.  Personally, I had no idea that QuickOffice worked so well with Evernote.  That will be one piece of advice I follow-up on later today!