Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slow computer?

Recently, I was asked a question about the campus computer replacement program and how one could improve their computer without spending money on a new one (prior to the computer coming up for replacement). I know this isn't iPad related but I feel as if it's a common problem on campus so I am going to address it here in the blog. First and foremost, you need to make sure you have enough memory. Not sure how much you have? Visit and download their memory configurator. Find the link that says "scan my computer" and agree to let it install on your CPU. If you do everything correctly, you will find a report that shows your current memory and the potential for memory upgrades including prices. I've ordered through this site both at home and at work. Of course, once it arrives, one needs to install the new memory. I would suggest contacting Information Technology is you are not familiar with installing memory. For those that are comfortable and have done it before, it's slightly more complicated than replacing a light bulb. It's less involved than you think.
Once you get your memory upgrade (typically most machines only have 1 gb - you want at least 2 gb) - put in a service request for your computer to be reimaged with Windows 7. Most computers still being serviced will be eligible to upgrade as long as the memory is above 2 gb. Prior to having your computer reimaged, you want to be sure you have backed up all important documents to your J or K drive. When a computer is reimaged it is completely wiped clean. Why do you need to reimage your computer? For the average user, a lot of junk accumulates on the cpu over the course of a few years making it run slower and often with errors. Please know that having a slow computer is rarely due to hardware. Most times it's due to software conflicts and other issues so the reimaging can cause a dramatic change as long as you have enough memory.
For most users, adding memory and reimaging will provide additional computer life and improved productivity.


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