Thursday, March 8, 2012

Voicemail Transcription? Voicemail in your email? Yes, it's possible and it's free

Why pay extra on your cell phone bill to have voicemail transcription? I recently made a switch on my voicemail box to use Google Voice. Don't have an account yet? Visit: to get a local number.
I placed a phone call to Cincinnati Bell and asked for conditional call forwarding which was added at no charge. I asked them to replace my conditional calls (e.g. all non answered calls or calls that come through while I'm on the other line) to be directed to my new Google Voice phone number. To the user leaving the message, they hear no difference in the voicemail message (assuming you set it up prior to connecting to the service). But for you - it can send you a text message with a transcription of the message as well as attach the voicemail as an audio file that is sent to your inbox. If don't have "visual voicemail" and want something close to it. This is a great option....and it's free.

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