Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Placeme as an Evernote add-on

It's rare that I come across an iPhone app that impresses me as much as Placeme.  I just downloaded this app two weeks ago and I have to say I'm very impressed!

Here's the basics of the app

  • Placeme is a personal GPS tracking program.  It doesn't publish your location but simply sends you a report of where you were during a particular day.  
  • Why would you want to have something like this?  As a Student Affairs Administrator - I want to be sure that I'm not married to my office space all day.  Each morning, I get feedback on where I was the previous day.  If I see that I've been shackled to my office the day before, it's a great reminder to get out and visit with students and staff.
  • Another fabulous feature is that it integrates with Evernote so that each morning you see a report in your Evernote account.  Even better is that any notes you create during the day are hyperlinked under the location you were at the day before.  In other words, if you create 10 notes in Evernote while you were in your office, they will all be listed in chronological order.  As you can see below - the report I got in Evernote shows my time spent at China Fortune Restaurant as well as time spent at the home we're renting.  The two items under "Home at the Ridges" are hyperlinked to the documents I was working on at the time.  Simply clicking on those items will bring up the notes they reflect.  
Check it out in the App Store!

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  1. Glad you like it! Let us ( know what new Placeme/Evernote features you wish to have.