Thursday, August 23, 2012

Evernote Slacker

When I'm asked about my utilization of Evernote, I describe it as a life-organization device.  Just send anything and everything you have there.  It may not be completely organized when it gets there but it will be easier to find.  The search feature of Evernote comes in very handy due to it's amazing ability to search within files and even recognize handwriting (if your handwriting is somewhat legible...)

During times of intense work (such as the start of a new academic year), I sometimes fall back into old habits and move away from Evernote.  I have to remind myself that Evernote doesn't really care if the note is tagged or saved to the right folder.  It's always better to have something in Evernote than simply sitting on my desk as a hand-written note or handout.  

So....even if you're an "Evernote Slacker" like I've been in the past few weeks, don't worry - just keep sending everything you want to remember to Evernote.  

1 comment:

  1. I can testify to this. Coming off of a really busy period I've let my Evernote inbox fill up with about 400 untagged things that all really should all be in folders. Even so, I've never taken more than a few minutes to find what I need. If that would have been 400 (or more) pages on my desk , it would have been useless--and probably a fire hazard to boot.

    Don't stop using Evernote because you're slacking--stay loyal to Evernote because it lets you get by with slacking! D